A Review of the Exhibition was Published in paper C

A review of the solo exhibition at BLOOM GALLERY was published in the web magazine paper C, written by Santo Oshima.

大島賛都氏による、ブルームギャラリーでの個展のレビューがpaper Cに掲載されました。

Group exhibition / “OPEN STUDIO 2023” at Art Factory Jonanjima [Tokyo, Japan]

Group exhibition / “OPEN STUDIO 2023″
Nov 3 (Fri) – Nov 26 (Sun), 2023

Art Factory Jonanjima
4F, 2-4-10 Jonanjima, Ota-ku, Tokyo


2023年11月3日(金)- 11月28日(日)

ART FACTORY城南島4階 多目的ホール
〒143-0002 東京都大田区城南島2丁目4-10

Solo exhibition / “Touching the Landscape” at BLOOM GALLERY [Osaka, Japan]

Sept 9 (Sat) – Oct 28 (Sat), 2023
10:30 – 17:00
Closed on Sun, Mon and Tue

Opening Reception:
Sept 9 (Sat), 2023, 17:00-19:00

Osaka, Yodogawa Ward, Shinkitano, 1 Chome−11−23 Heim Kitano B103


2023年9月9日(土)- 10月28日(土)
OPEN:水〜土曜日 10:30 – 17:00


〒532-0025 大阪府大阪市淀川区新北野1丁目11−23 ハイム北野B103

Solo exhibition / “The Other Side of the Curtain” at N project [Osaka, Japan]

June 9 (Fri), – June 29 (Thu), 2023

N project
2F 5-8-8 Nishi-tenma Kita-ku Osaka-shi 530-0047 Japan
10:00-17:00 (Mon-Fri)
Closed on Sat, Sun and National Holidays

Opening Reception:
June 9 (Fri), 2023, 16:00-18:00

個展/大坪晶 カーテンの向こう側
N project リニューアルオープニング展

平日10:00-17:00、土曜 11:00-18:00


〒530-0047 大阪市北区西天満5-8-8 2F

Group exhibition / “VAVOOMVOOM!” at UM Gallery, UMPRUM [Prague, Czech]

26 May – 15 July 2023
opening: 5/25/2023 from 18:00

UM Gallery, UMPRUM, nám. Jana Palacha 80, Prague 1

Open: Mon-Sat 10am-6pm

The “VAvoomvoom!” exhibition will commemorate almost two decades of the existence of the Visual Arts (VA) master’s degree program in English at UMPRUM. A curated selection from the nearly one hundred graduates will present the legacy of Visual Arts in many diverse media, from glass to performance.

Exhibiting graduates of the Visual Arts program:
Luis Guillermo Cerdas (Costa Rica); Çiğdem Çevrim (Turkey); Emel Erdem (Turkey); Sebastián Segura Espinel (Colombia); Ine Harrang (Norway); Jung-Jiea Hung (Taiwan); Yu-Lin Huang (Taiwan); Giselle Olguin Jimenez (Mexico); Saki Matsumoto (Japan); Jimena Elizalde Mendoza (Mexico); Yumiko Ono (Japan); Akira Otsubo (Japan); Yui Ozaki (Japan); Roberto Lucio Fuentes Rangel (Mexico); Jorge Abraham Garcia Razo, (Mexico); Nelson Fernando Echeverría Ruiz (Ecuador); Marta Savignano (Italy); María Andrea Miranda Serna (Colombia); Miyuki Shiotsu (Japan); Kateřina Šachová (Czech Republic); Winnie Tan (Singapore); Ayaka Tajiri (Japan); Jonne Väisänen (Finland); David Yule (Australia); Byoung Chan Yun (Korea).

Chloé Célia Elsa Burkiewicz (France); Luis Guillermo Cerdas (Costa Rica); Sebastián Segura Espinel (Colombia); Abhishek Choudhary (India); Jena Jang (Korea); David Yule (Australia).

Curatorial team:
Conrad Eric Armstrong (USA), Hana Smělá (CZ), Saki Matsumoto (Japan), Jimena Mendoza (Mexico)

Graphic Design:
Christian Bulmahn (Germany)
Exhibition architecture:
Kristin Jermstad Gravdal (Norway)

日比谷OKUROJIフォトフェア2022 : ブルームギャラリー


2022.10.07 [Fri] – 10.10 [Mon]
10.07 14:00-20:00 | 10.08-09 12:00-19:00 | 10.10 12:00-18:00
Admission Free

2022年10月7日(金)~ 2022年10月10日(月・祝)
10/7(金)   14:00〜18:00プレビュー 18:00〜20:00オープニング
10/8(土)   12:00〜19:00
10/9(日)   12:00〜19:00
10/10(月・祝) 12:00〜18:00

OKUROJI G-13, G-14, G-15, H03近辺(革小物TIDEWAY付近+さばえめがね館付近)東京都千代田区内幸町1-7-1(帝国ホテルタワー付近/銀座コリドー街付近の高架下)

Akira Otsubo contributed text and photographs to “TRIVIUM” published by Kyoto Literature Residency.






Commission work

Photo book: Seven Treasures Taisho University #8

Published by Obayashi Corporation in a limited edition of 108 copies, “Seven Treasures Taisho University #8” brings together newly commissioned works by seven leading contemporary photographers and three in-depth essays that capture the beauty of the Eighth Building through their unique artistic visions.

Photographs: Kyoji Takahash, Daido Moriyama, Go Itami, Sakiko Nomura, Akira Otsubo, Daisuke Yokota, Kenryou Gu, edited by Amana, Seven Treasures Taisho University #8, pp. 71-86. Japan: Obayashi.

発行 : 2021年12月26日
写真 : 髙橋恭司、森山大道、伊丹豪、野村佐紀子、大坪晶、横田大輔、顧剣了
文章 : 松岡正剛、柴崎友香、畑中章宏
企画 : 堤祐二、佃和憲(大林組)
編集 : amana
造本設計 : 町口覚
デザイン : 浅田農
協力 : 大正大学
発行 : 大林組

撮影協力 : 永井美里(ダンサー)、 前田梨那(アシスタント)

Group exhibition / Asama International Photo Festival PHOTO KOMORO

2021.8 / 28 (Sat) ~ 11 / 21 (Day)
Nagano Prefecture Komoro City (around Komoro Station)

Komoro City is a city with a long history.For the first time this year, the international photography festival “Asama International Photo Festival PHOTO KOMORO” will be held in an environment blessed with nature where the pure Chikuma River flows at the foot of Mt. Asama in the east of Nagano Prefecture.
The venue is the town itself that prospered as a post town and a commercial city at the foot of Komoro Castle.Domestic and foreign photographs will be exhibited in unique forms indoors and outdoors, such as a nostalgic garden that retains the remnants of the ruins of a castle, a cottage in the Edo period, and a merchant house in the Meiji and Taisho eras.

Akira Otsubo Shadow in the House (2017-)
Shadow in the House by Akira Otsubo emerges mystically from the obscurity of Komoro Castle’s arsenal, constructed by Yasunaga Makino, the feudal lord of then Shinano Komoro Han in 1817.
The images in the room depict the houses seized by the GHQ after the war. To capture the multilayered memory residues left in the building as its owners change over time, she employed a large format camera to photograph the “shadow of memory” with a dance performance and the historical building using long exposure.
The pictures which portray the delicate hues of the faint shadows praises the ubiquitous power that brings back “memories” endowed to all of us. The inhabitants of the houses are no longer alive yet through these images, we can grasp some hints of their consciousness. As we imagine the lives of these people and their feelings, we can feel the time lost.
By choosing a “house”, inseparable from humans, as a stage, this becomes an occasion for us to rethink our culture and spirit from a different perspective such as the relationship between humans and memories, the situations of such property requisitions and our ever-changing lifestyles.

Exhibition Catalog

Incheon Open Port International Photo & Film Festival, The 7th International University Student & Professor Photo & Film Exhibition [Incheon, Korea]

Akira Otsubo served as a judge for the photo competition “Our Footprints” organized by the Czech Center in Japan. (JP only) (CZ only)

Group exhibition / Shandong University of Art & Design Museum [Jinan, China]

Group exhibition / 2020-2021 “Foreign Land, Same Sky” China, Japan and Korea University Photography Invitational Exhibition at Shandong University of Art & Design Museum [Jinan, China]


Solo exhibition / “Grayscale” at BLOOM GALLERY [Osaka, Japan]

会期:2020年10月10日(土) – 10月31日(土)

〒532-0025 大阪府大阪市淀川区新北野1-11-23 ハイム北野B103
営業日:水曜日から土曜日 13:00 – 19:00


Group exhibition / トーキョーアーツアンドスペース レジデンス2020 成果発表展「デイジーチェーン」の 3DVRができました。1Fの奥が大坪の展示スペースです。

TOKAS Creator-in-Residence 2020 Exhibition “Daisy Chain”

The 3DVR of the exhibition space and the comments of participating artists are available. The exhibition space of Otsubo is located in the back of the 1st floor.

Group exhibition / トーキョーアーツアンドスペース レジデンス2020 成果発表展「デイジーチェーン」

Part 1:2020年7月4日(土) – 8月10日(月・祝)に参加します。

2019年度より開始したテーマ・プロジェクトでは、TOKASレジデンシーに滞在するクリエーターが、「ミュトスの対話」という共通のテーマのもと、対話や議論の場を持ちながらそれぞれ個別に制作活動に取り組みました。 多様なアイデンティティが交差する東京に滞在しながら、慣習や社会に隠された事象を神話(Myth)の語源である「ミュトス(Mythos)」という枠組みをとおして多角的に考察し、その成果をひとつの展示空間で構成し発表します。

TOKAS Creator-in-Residence 2020 Exhibition “Daisy Chain”

Part 1:2020.7.4(Sat)- 8.10(Mon)

For this theme project, launched in 2019, creators participating in the TOKAS Residency pursued artistic activities individually, with the common theme of “Myth-understanding,” while also engaging in dialogues and discussions. While living in Tokyo, a metropolis where diverse identities intersect, they examined phenomena concealed in customs and societies from multifarious perspectives through the framework of mythos (the etymological root of “myth” and “mythology”), and organized the results so as to present their works together in a single exhibition venue.

TOKAS Residency Open Studio

2019年11月15日 (金) -17日(日) 11:00~17:00


November 15 Fri.–17 Sun. 2019 11:00–17:00

Tokyo Arts and Space Residency provides opportunities for international creators in various disciplines including visual art, design, architecture and curation to stay, create works and conduct research in Tokyo, offering studio spaces and accommodation for the creators. Open Studio is a special occasion for the audience to see the creative process of residing creators, hear their talks and dialogues with guest speakers.

Solo exhibition / “Shadow in the House” at [Okayama, Japan]

From Oct. 5 to Oct. 20, 2019
Exhibition Hours: 10:00–18:00. Closed on Tuesday.


823 Kawasaki, Tsuyama-city, Okayama, Japan, 708-0841

個展 / 大坪晶「Shadow in the House」(岡山/津山)

日程 : 2019年10月05日(土)~ 10月20日(日)
開館時間 : 10:00-18:00

会場 : ポートアート&デザイン津山
アクセス : 〒708-0841 岡山県津山市川崎823

助成:科学研究費助成事業 研究課題名「占領期『接収住宅』の歴史研究と芸術実践の交差領域における実践的研究」(課題番号JP19K13042)

大坪晶の写真作品《Shadow in theHouse》シリーズは、時代の変遷とともに所有者が入れ替わり、多層的な記憶を持つ家の室内空間を被写体としています。




Akira Otsubo is staying at TOKAS International exchange residence.
Artist will research and making artworks about “Shadow in the House” project from Sep. to Nov..

Artist info

2019年度 文化庁新進芸術家海外研修制度(短期)により、ワシントンD.C.のアメリカ国立公文書館にてリサーチを行なっています。


Akira Otsubo is conducting a survey at the National Archives at College Park in Washington D.C. through the 2019 Japanese Government Overseas Study Programs for upcoming artists, short-term researcher.

Event / “Shadow in the House” at Ouchidani Grand Apartments [Tottori, Japan]

Akira Otsubo (artist, photographer) and Ai Kawase (dancer), Yuki Furukawa (dancer)

Date:7.14sun, 15Mon
Exhibition Hours: 7.14 – 13:00-15:00 / 15:30-17:30 / 18:00-20:00
                          7.15 – 9:30-11:30
Ouchidani Grand Apartments
93-1, Uemachi, Tottori Shi, Tottori Ken, 680-0015, Japan

展  示: 大坪晶
パフォーマンス: 川瀬亜衣、古川友紀
日  程:2019年7月14日(日)、15日(月)
時  間:7月 14日(日) 13:00-15:00 / 15:30-17:30 / 18:00-20:00
               7月 15日(月・祝)9:30-11:30
場  所:樗谿グランドアパート   〒451-0042 鳥取県鳥取市上町93-1
入 場 料:1,000円
主  催:「Shadow in the House」プロジェクト実行委員会
協  力:おうちだにグランドアパート保存会 とっとりの風
助  成:科学研究費助成事業 研究課題名「占領期『接収住宅』の歴史研究と芸術実践の交差領域における実践的研究」(課題番号JP19K13042)


展覧会概要 :
大坪晶の写真作品《Shadow in the House》シリーズは時代の変遷とともに所有者が入れ替わり、多層的な記憶を持つ家の室内空間を被写体としています。
今回のエキシビション/パフォーマンスでは、樗谿グランドアパートで撮影された写真・映像作品を、同じ建物の室内に重ねて投影するとともに、撮影に参加したダンサーの川瀬亜衣と古川友紀がパフォーマンスを行います。また、リサーチしたアーカイブ資料や インタビューの音声なども配置し、複合的なインスタレーションを試みます。歴史的建築物の中で、少人数の観客と親密に向き合い、イメージやサウンド、身体表現を通して、場所の記憶が体感的に想起されるような貴重な機会となるでしょう。