Artist Statement

The common theme of my works is to consider the relationship between human existence and memory, based on psychology that I have majored at university. We maintain our sense of self-identity by keeping memory and undermine the sense by losing it. The purpose of my creation is to take up anonymous human voices that are hidden behind social phenomenon. In the backyard of the official written history, there exists a ghost namely” the memory of someone else”. The ghost has no feeling of reality like the sign of someone existing at a corner of a room. When we view the past stills in a photograph image, we recognize the lost ghost, that is, the lost time.

Human existence, in these days, has been transforming itself into opaque and fluid. According to the appearance of digital photograph and virtual space on internet, the border that has separated individual and society, real and unreal has been gradually disappeared. Originally, history acquires its substance through oral history that has been inherited from person to person. However, people who are grown up within new towns built in the period of high growth tend to view history as a metaphysical knowledge without any realistic feelings. Hereby I seek for the common ground with others from different background by depicting the ghost namely” the memory of someone else” that lies behind the historical fact, as a shadow of human figure.

In my creative activity, I dare adopt physical method to use the photographic film to record, the intervention of figure performance and the expression in language. I begin with the document search of the object area and interview to the manager and local residents. Settle the location, photographing and printing works in a dark room. The color film mainly used has a wide latitude and suitable to fix an image on the film by a long time exposure photographing. The final form will be flat, solid and installation that are varied according to the property of spaces.