Solo exhibition / “Remembrance of Names” at BLOOM GALLERY [Osaka,Japan]


From Nov. 29 to Dec. 23, 2017
Exhibition Hours: 11:00–19:00. Closed on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday.

About the exhibition
Akira Otsubo, has been presenting works by two or group show, now opens a solo show here at Bloom Gallery. This time, along with the successive collage and photo works, she displays installation works composed with photo and object materials collected in and oversea countries. At showroom, 3 large-sized portrait photo collage works, once displayed at this year’s Emon Award Grand Prize Exhibition in Tokyo, make the debut in Kansai area.
It is said that in case one recalls a past experience, its memory data is not always stored in brain, but that every time one recalls, a connection of neuron is newly formed and the memory is re-fixed. As indicated in the show title “Remembrance of Names”, this time, Akira Otsubo tackles to dissolve record/photograph and reorganize them in space on a key word ‘Pictorial Dictionary Proper Noun’. Appreciators will surely sense her aggressive attitude to capture and depict a place where history and personal memory intersect.
During the period, Tsuneo Tachibana, photographer and photo researcher, will be invited and hold a talk show with a theme of “Word and Photography”.


個展/“Remembrance of Names” at ブルームギャラリー(大阪)
日  程:2017年11月29日(水)~12月23日(土)

日  程:12月9日(土)
テーマ :「言葉と写真」
詳  細: