Shadow in the House #01/#02 [Nikon Salon Osaka / 大阪ニコンサロン]


From 24.9 to 30.9.2015
会期 2015年9月24日-9月30日

The series works “Shadow in the House” are photographed with providing shadow indoors of old residences which have complex history. They are locating in Prague, Czech and in Yamatokoriyama, Nara, Japan. Both two houses have been taken over by multilayer owners, and at present, they are opened as public facilities.
The shadow, according to psychological view, is inner someone else recognized as a projection of oneself. Plato assumes what we see in reality is no more than a shadow of idea. I consider about the layered memories by means of long exposure photographing technique, imprinting shadow to a photograph film, and try to present the relationship between individual and society, memory and record.