Consideration of Social StructureⅣ

Consideration of Social Structure Ⅳ
Collage, Photographs, 2014, 45cm in diameter
Permanent exhibit at MUNIKAT gallery (Munich, Germany)

Consideration of Social StructureⅣ - Concept

The material of this work is a poster of typical European angel image found at a flea market in Prague. In Japan, angel images are found on the package of some sweets or in the art works at museum. For Japanese, the typical angel image, which has been consumed by many people, means the arrival of the Western cultures.
Japan has been absorbing foreign cultures and transforming its distinctive cultural system. For instance, the modern Japanese living style is mostly of semi-foreign.
This work depicts the process that an original image has been changing in quality over a long term exposure in human eyes. Concurrently, it expresses the state that the memory of human existence has been defined according to the relation between people.