Collage of Still Life

Photographs, collages, 2012, 279×356
2012 Artsemestr zima klauzura VSUP [Czech, Prague]















Collage of Still Life
With the view to create this works, I have been considering about two subjects. One is about the interspace of reality and fictional aspect of photograph. The other is about the interspace of representation and abstraction.
At junior high school, I studied Japanese flower arrangement. The purpose of the flower arrangement is to express the space outlook using flower and plant. The method of the flower arrangement is to simplify the plants having various shapes or forms and arrange them in order to let one imagine an abyss in the space.
I cut plant prints out of the flora encyclopedia and put them on the photo graphs of my own. By this way, I intended to simplify the form of plants and to perform re-creation.
I want to deepen the meaning of objects existence and thereby try to create a new reality.