Akira Otsubo


Artist Statement

The common theme of my art works is to consider human existence and memory. I have long been interested in some phenomena that people unconsciously pass by in their ordinal lives. I have been creating flat, solid and installation works with use of photograph, collage and lithograph methods. The more important issue for me is what and how I think of my works rather than which method I employ.

I suppose that in old books, the innumerable nameless personal memories are varied and they have been empowered as if being battery charged over time and emitting strong magnetic forth. It is because, the numberless eye focuses and hand touches remained on book pages. Those books know the passing time and memories that we never know. When we read a book or watch a photograph, we unconsciously connect the distinctive times expressed in it, with the layers of time concept, and arrive at a certain conclusion in our own mind. In order to catch them physically, however, we had to consider how and where they were reflecting and captured them within the definite forms.

I show the layers of time concept in the steric form objects. I name this creative process
’ physical consideration’. I believe that repeating the same questions on the subject is the way to consider it more thoroughly.

In Hojo-ki (Chronicle of my tiny hut), written in 1212, one of the oldest essays in Japan, there is following words “Ceaselessly the river flows, and yet the water is never the same.” It means, even if time seems to be the same, it is changing ceaselessly. Similarly, our considerations are seemed to go around in the spiral, they are deepening in other way.

The base of my way of thinking is in the psychology that I specialized in the university. When I face a certain social phenomenon, I consider it from its psychological background. The human memory prescribes one’s existence, at the same time, it makes personal image vogue. It appears in personal internal activity as well as in social major phenomenon. In thinking over a social phenomenon, we can get deeper understandings when we regard it as the amount of personal inner activity.

I am keeping a close watch on the process that personal memory changes into social memory and into entire memory called history.