Akira Otsubo

The circle mandala - Concept

Běhal Fejér Institute built in1928 is a luxury house in Prague. During the World War Ⅱ, the house was seized by the Czech army. After the war, during the communist-era, the Czech government lent the house to the Czech Orthodox Church. Along with the Velvet revolution in1989, the communist reign was over, the real owner Běhal Fejér demanded for return and got restoration in 2001.
This time, on the floor in the Běhal Fejér Institute, I display 9 lithograph prints which depict the circle images. According to the archetypal lithograph technique, a number of same patterns are printed from one template. I employ an experimental method to print several different patterns from one template. First, fix the image on the template. Next, add some nitric acid, arabic gum, and abrasive in gradual. Consequently I could make up 9 different image prints from one template.
The concept of this exhibit is to look at the relation between time and memory. Through the flow of time, the Běhal Fejér Institute has been changing the occupiers one after another, however, it stands still stacking up the memories even now. My intention is to ask the meaning of the flow of time by presenting a series of 9 lithograph prints produced from one template.

The circle mandala