Akira Otsubo

Chronicle of Rooms | Concept

I am now focusing on the memories in hotel rooms. I take photos especially at business
hotels. gBusiness hotelh is Japanese English expression. Japanese business hotels have
some features. First, most business hotels are near the stations. Therefore, it is easy for
guests to arrive at hotels. Second, the charges are not so expensive, that economical
travelers like them. Third, as hotel rooms are small, the guests can stay functionally at
the rooms. As a result, guests pass by business hotels in one or two days.
Then, I noticed that rooms in business hotels had a large number of memories of guests
who had stayed and passed by. I imagine that those memories are stuck on walls,
pilled on floors and stained on chairs. Hence, I have been trying to catch them
by camera lens and trying to print on photo papers.

Chronicle of Rooms