Akira Otsubo



1979    Born in Hyogo, Japan
2016    Part-time lecturer of Osaka University of the Arts_Photography
2016    Part-time lecturer of Kyoto University of Art and Design_Creative Writing


2013    M.F.A. in Contemporary art of Photography, The Academy of Art, Architecture, and Design in
            Prague on scholarship of Czech Republic government
2011    M.F.A. in Intermedia Art, Tokyo National University of the Arts
2008    Photo Expression College, Osaka, Photography
2008    Issei Suda Private Photo School, Photography
2002    B.A. in Clinical Psychology, Kyoto Bunkyo University

Solo Exhibitions

2016    “Memories and Records” at ELEKTROKARDIOGRAMM Gallery [Okayama, Japan]
2016    “Code of Shadow” at LADS GALLERY [Osaka, Japan]
2016    “Code of Shadow” at ozasahayashi_project, ART HOSTEL kumagusuku,
            KYOTOGRAPIE KG+ [Kyoto, Japan]
2015-2016    “Shadow in the House #01/#02” Nikon Salon [Tokyo/Osaka, Japan]
2015    MUNIKAT Gallery [Germany, Munich]
2014    Gallery UNITÉ KYOTOGRAPIE KG+ [Kyoto, Japan]
2013    MUNIKAT Gallery [Germany, Munich]
2013    “Shadow in the House” Běhal Fejér Institute [Prague, Czech]
2013    “Lost Name of Plant” at VSUP [Prague, Czech]
2012    Nikon Salon bis OSAKA [Osaka, Japan]
2011    Nikon Salon [Tokyo, Japan]
2007    BIG STONE Gallery [Osaka, Japan]
2006    Gallery R.Locus [Tokyo, Japan]
2005    Café’ 0.3miles [Osaka, Japan]

Group Exhibitions

2017    “EMON AWARD 6th” at EMON photo Gallery [Tokyo, Japan]
2017    “Showroom Collection” at BLOOM GALLERY [Osaka, Japan]
2016    “ISSP FINAL Exhibition” [Kuldiga, Latvia]
2016    “Memory and Information” at KNOWLEDGE SALON Creative Gallery [Osaka, Japan]
2016    Contemporary Art Fair “Art Osaka” from Bloom Gallery [Osaka, Japan]
2016    “Director’s choice # 01” at BLOOM GALLERY [Osaka, Japan]
2015-2016    “Recollect, Gaze, Material in Common” Czech-Japanese Contemporary Art Exchange
            Exhibition at Zuiun-an, Czech Centre Tokyo [Kyoto/Tokyo, Japan]
2015    Chelsea International Fine Art Competition at Agora Gallery [NY, US]
2015    “Spectrum”at Bloom Gallery [Osaka, Japan]
2015    Akira Otsubo×Hayato Nishimura Exhibition at M2 gallery [Tokyo, Japan]
2015    TOKYO FRONTLINE PHOTO AWARD Exhibition at G/P + g3/ gallery [Tokyo, Japan]
2014    Hanarart “Memory Fragment— Chasing Recollection” at Former Kawamoto House
            [Nara, Japan]
2013    Staroměstská radnice v Praze , Prague city gallery at the Old Town Hall [Prague, Czech] 2013    Nordart 2013 [Budeldorf, Germany]
2013    ART SAFARI 25, Studio BUBEC [Prague, Czech]
2013    Munikat Gallery [Munich, Germany]
2012    “Hidden River” DOX Centre for contemporary art [Prague, Czech]
2012    “Cntrl +Save Me” Běhal Fejér Institute [Prague, Czech]
2012    Artsemestr zima klauzura 2012 10.2. - 16.2.2012 VSUP [Prague, Czech]
2010    Master class graduate exhibition [Yokohama, Japan]
2010    “WIP” at Museum of Tokyo National University of Art [Tokyo, Japan]
2010    MIO PHOTO AWARD [Osaka, Japan]
2010    FOIL Gallery [Tokyo, Japan]
2010    “insighter” at Tokyo National University of Art [Tokyo, Japan]
2009    “No man’s Land” at French Embassy [Tokyo, Japan]
2009    “Atlas” at Museum of Tokyo National University of Art [Tokyo, Japan]
2008    Seafront Gallery CASO [Osaka, Japan]


2017    EMON Award Grand Prix [Tokyo, Japan]
2016    KYOTOGRAPIE, KG+ public award (ozasahayashi_project_KYOTO ART HOSTEL
            kumagusuku) [Kyoto, Japan]
2015    Miki Jun Inspiration Award [Japan]
2015    Chelsea International Fine Art Competition at Agora Gallery [NY, US]
2014    Special Examiner Prize [selected by Shigeo Goto] at TOKYO FRONTLINE PHOTO AWARD
            [Tokyo, Japan]
2010    Special Examiner Prize [selected by Yasumasa Morimura] at MIO PHOTO AWARD
            [Osaka, Japan]


2016    Scholarship of Higashikawa International Photo Festival [Taiyo Onorato workshop at ISSP,
2011-2013    Scholarship of Czech Republic government
2009    Japan Student Services Organization


            [ ELEKTROKARDIOGRAMM Gallery exhibition ]
2015    Nishieda Foundation [ Czech-Japanese Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition in Kyoto ]
2015    NOMURA Foundation [ MUNIKAT Gallery exhibition ]