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The Wooden Light Box

img/c/001 The Wooden Light Box220.jpg img/c/220001 The Wooden Light Box2 s.jpg img/c/220001 Drawing of time concept by use of stitch work photographs.jpg

Consideration of Social Structure

Consideration about cores of human souls

Drawing of time concept by use of stitch work photographs

img/c/220001 Consideration on the Botanical Photographs.jpg img/c/220001 The Wooden light Boxk.jpg img/c/220The wooden light boxnew works.jpg

Consideration on the Botanical Photographs

Consideration on the nexus of science and city

New Works

img/c/01The Wooden Light Box-s220.jpg img/c/01The Wooden Light Box-s-U220.jpg img/c/01The Wooden Light Box-s-h220.jpg

The Wooden Light Box-s:
The Nested Structure of Room

The Wooden Light Box-s:
A study about the linkage of a piece of photo with multiple time

The Wooden Light Box-s:

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