Akira Otsubo

Life of Tree - Concept

I intended to create the new reality of trees and flowers. I cut off the fruit or flower photos, separated each photo which had been once collected in the fixed format of the encyclopedia, and collect, combine, and translate into the imaginary trees or the abstract flowers. I present the chaining fruits collages. Each fruit symbolizes the individuality. Their chaining appearance depicts the human beings as a species. On earth, we are making the branches and leaves of our lives grow through mutual invading the cultures. Similarly, in our unconscious area, we are making the branches and leaves of our memories grow through combining new information. I would like to express the in and out being human existence by using the chained fruits. In this works, I used the fruits pictures of the Czech fruits picture book published in around 1980s. I cut out the fruits pictures from the pages and put them chained by means of tree branches or leaves. I placed leaves on leaves, fruits on fruits. By doing this way, I want to present the interacting living world, concurrently, I want to depict the life tree in the human mind.

Life of Tree